воскресенье, 31 мая 2009 г.



My name is Artyom, nickname is 'OXOTHUK' (in russian letters it means "Ohotnig"). And this isn't me on this picture on top:)

As you can see, my english is extremely, awesomely, absolute-leee BAD. Sorry for that)
Well, I live in Russia, and I'm trying to be comics artist here, in my country. We don't have many bears and balalaykas here for now. And we really don't have much comics here-_-(but we have many talanted artists). Most of our people are thinking that comics are stupid. I think so too XD
Phewww! If you want to see some of my works:
This i my DA -
And here's my LJ. On russian, of course)
P.S. Русскоговорящие люди есть?))))

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